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Stroller Lockitem code: KD301

Protect your pushchair from thieves

  • 27” retractable cable to lock your stroller anywhere, anytime
  • Choose your own combination and reset it anytime
  • Can be used for bicycles, skis, etc too.

UK delivery only - for shipments outside of the UK please contact for a shipping cost

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UK Delivery Only
Stroller Lock
Q:My stroller lock is locked and I cannot remember the code. Can I reset the code?
A:For security the stroller lock code cannot be reset whilst the stroller lock is locked closed. The stroller lock is sold open in a blister pack with the code set as 000. You must reset the code to your own memorable 3 digit code as instructed on the back of the pack before use.
Q:I have a retractable stroller lock but have not used it in a long while and I cannot remember the code. It is currently unlocked.
A:If your stroller lock is unlocked, you can reset the code. Hold the lock with the Koo-di logo facing you. Press the left button to retract the security wire completely. Now press down on the head of the wire and reselect 3 memorable numbers. Press the left button again and your lock is reset to the new code.
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