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折叠式彩色圆点旅行大帐篷item code: KD111/12


  • 重量不足3kgs
  • 展开后尺寸 100 × 60 × 69cm
  • 折叠后又特别轻巧,可以放在一个60 × 30 × 18cm 的手提袋里
  • 适用于6~18个月的宝宝
  • 有柔软的睡眠垫和折叠自如的防蚊网,在给宝宝提供舒适睡眠环境的同时也给父母们带来了方便
  • 包装:彩色盒包装
  • 颜色:彩色圆点
  • I bought the bubble pop up travel cot on recommendation of a friend as we were going on holiday to Tunisia. It's perfect for holidays abroad especially in a climate like that. The integrated mosquito net keeps the bugs away. It is lightweight and compact and fits perfectly in a suitcase. I have peace of mind too, knowing my ever exploring bubba is contained if he wakes in the night for any reason. It is now on baby number 2 and is still being used, with no signs of wear and tear. We also use it when our youngest stays with his grandma as it stops her cats sitting on him whilst he sleeps!!----- Penny M. (mum of two little ones)
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