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折叠式旅行大帐篷item code: KD111

Koo-di 折叠式旅行大帐篷使用超级简便,适用于外出度假,周末及任何宝宝的日常休息,在给宝宝提供舒适睡眠环境的同时也给父母们带来了方便.

  • 重量不足2.2kgs
  • 提篮设计的概念是外出度假或周末的时候携带及使用都非常的方便
  • 收合方式简单,收合后可放入一个60 × 30 ×18cm 的手提袋里
  • 有舒适的睡垫和简单适用并可折叠的防蚊帐
  • 适用于6~18个月的婴儿
  • 材质:涤棉
  • 包装:彩盒包装
  • 展开尺寸:长100cm × 宽60cm × 高69cm
  • 颜色:米色/柠檬黄/茄色/圆点


  • Polka Dot
  • Cafe Creme
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Aubergine
Q:I have lost the support rods for my Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot. Can I get a replacement set?
A:Don't worry, replacement sets of the support rods for the Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot are available directly from us at a cost of £7.00 including postage. Please give us a call on 0845 6809274
Q:We have a Koo-Di Pop-Up Travel Bubble. It's had lots of use and now the mattress is a bit dirty. Is it possible to clean the mattress? If so, how?
A:Yes you can cold water, hand wash the mattress in normal mild laundry detergent and hang dry. Do not use hot water or tumble dry as this may cause the support boards inside the mattress to change shape.
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